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Rolling Bears

“Rolling Bears”! A brand new dice game for 2 to 5 players.


A fun, family dice-drafting game, with interaction, attitude and animals! Roll the dice and collect them as special ‘sets’, based on the colours of the dice and numbers on the dice.


Dice collected are placed on your personal Rolling Bears board, which helps you keep track of your score throughout the round. Collect fish, hedgehogs, ravens, wolves and, of course, bears! Score lots of bonus points if you have the Best Animal Collection at the end of the round!


Choose how many rounds you want to play (each round is very quick). The player with the highest total score at the end of the final round is the winner!


Although Rolling Bears is still a prototype, it has already aroused the interest of several major publishers!

Rolling Bears

  • PRODUCT NAME: “Rolling Bears”


    AUTHOR: Peter Burley

    PUBLISHER: Burley Games

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Stephen Tolley

    ART: Folko Streese

    LANGUAGES: English, German



    GAME DURATION (min): 30

    NO. OF PLAYERS: 2-5

    DIMENSIONS (mm): 240 | 240 | 55

    AVAILABILITY: Due to be launched later this year via Kickstarter project

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