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Unique, Innovative, Award Winning Games

Burley Games is an enduring success story. Games enthusiast Peter Burley (assisted by his son, Jonathan) has invented a series of innovative games which are sold throughout the world. The company creates, manufactures and distributes unique, innovative, award winning games.

High Replay Value and Depth of Strategy

Our products are of high quality and are a result of many hours of careful design. Each game offers high replay value and the games are easy to learn, whilst providing enough depth of strategy to keep everyone interested.

Bringing you the latest product news

Watch this page for news on latest games releases such as Rolling Bears. This game will be the subject of a KickStarter release before the end of 2023.


Introducing a new Design for Take it Easy!

2023 will see a new design for Take it Easy being used, possibly for a Second European Edition or individual releases for specific countries. The new artwork will look like this, or similar.

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