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Swim swiftly around the island to lay turtle eggs, collecting victory points for them.


Players roll the dice, one at a time in this push-your-luck game. You can roll one, two or three dice and the total rolled will be multiplied by the number of dice you used. But beware! If the total shown on your dice exceeds seven, you have to start all over again from the Turtle Raft! If your move takes you onto the top of another turtle, then you will control that turtle next time it takes its turn to move. Whenever you turtle reaches of passes the ‘beach’ space, you must take the ‘turtle egg’ card from the beach and the next one on the top of the pile is turned over to show the number of eggs available to the next turtle to pass by.


When all the egg cards have gone, players each count up the number of eggs they have ‘laid’ and whoever has laid the most wins the game.


The attractive board is double-sided, with one side depicting the island by day and the reverse side showing the island by night. This adds a nice bit of variety, although the method of play is identical whichever side you use.


The game is for 2 to 7 players. I there are only 2 or three players, it is recommended that each player uses two turtles, to maintain the level of interaction and fun!


Contents: 1 gameboard, 3 dice, 7 turtle figures, 24 clutch cards.


  • PRODUCT NAME: “Mahé”

    PRODUCT CODE: FRNMAH001/14113102

    AUTHOR: Alex Randolph

    PUBLISHER: Franjos

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Klemens Franz

    LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, French, Korean, Dutch



    GAME DURATION (min): 30

    NO. OF PLAYERS: 2-7

    DIMENSIONS (mm): 226 | 226 | 50

    WEIGHT (g): 625

    BARCODE: 4021505141131


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