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Formula Fun

All players participate with multiple cars in this crazy classic car race. Many rounds are driven. Don't be last in any lap, because the slowest car in each lap is eliminated! Then the cars regroup and the game continues. This process is repeated until the winner is determined in the final duel. The winner will be the one who makes the best use of their cards and uses them to drive the hottest wheels!


Depending on the number of players, each player starts with 2 or 3 cars. These are placed on the starting grid at the beginning of the game.


Each space on the racetrack is numbered from 1 to 10 and then this numbering starts at 1 again. The highlight of the game lies in the playing cards with which the cars are moved. Most cards have two values: a number in a red circle and a number on a blue background. If the number in the red circle matches the number of the space on which the car to be moved currently occupies, then the car is moved forward by this number of spaces (maximum speed). If the numbers do not match, the number drawn on the blue background (recommended speed) is used. There are also cards with numbers that move a car forward at a fixed speed and additionally there are ‘turbo’ cards.


Turn order is based on a car's position in the race. At the beginning of a round, the leader always plays first, then the second, etc. So players take turns to play a card and move their car forward and then draw another card.


A race ends as soon as the first car has crossed the finish line and all the cars behind this leader have also had their moves. The car in the last position is eliminated. The car that has finished furthest forward after all the cars have been moved will start the next race from pole position.


The winner of the game is the player who crosses the finish line first in the decisive last race. Alternatively, you can also play with a rating that assigns points to each car when it is eliminated.


The attractive board is double-sided, with one side depicting the racetrack by day and the reverse side showing the racetrack by night. This adds a nice bit of variety, although the method of play is ALMOST identical whichever side you use. There are some special features on the night side of the board which make the race a little more perilous!

Formula Fun

  • PRODUCT NAME: “Formula Fun”


    AUTHOR: Terry Goodchild

    PUBLISHER: Franjos Spiele

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: atelier 198

    ART: Andreas Resch

    LANGUAGES: German, English, French, Dutch



    GAME DURATION (min): 45

    NO. OF PLAYERS: 2-7

    DIMENSIONS (mm): 227 | 227 | 53 

    WEIGHT (g): 975

    BARCODE: 4021505212060


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