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Donkey Derby

In this exciting donkey race, each player moves every donkey. Players lay bets on the eventual winner. If you make the right bet early, you will be rewarded with many victory points in the end. Bet later, and you can better estimate the finish and get points more safely. But the die plays a role as well: Should I advance my favourite with the “3” I’ve rolled or should I try to roll a higher number? If my luck with the die doesn’t match my calculations, the malicious joy of the other players will be guaranteed!


Contents: 1 gameboard, 5 donkey figures, 1 die, 15 betting markers, 5 character cards.


The attractive board is double-sided, with one side depicting the racecourse by day and the reverse side showing the racecourse by night. This adds a nice bit of variety, although the method of play is identical whichever side you use.


DONKEY DERBY is the new edition of the 1989 game “Favoriten”.

Donkey Derby

  • PRODUCT NAME: “Donkey Derby”


    AUTHOR: Walter Mueller

    PUBLISHER: Franjos Spiele

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: atelier198

    ART: Andreas Resch

    LANGUAGES: English



    GAME DURATION (min): 30

    NO. OF PLAYERS: 2-5

    DIMENSIONS (mm): 227 | 227 | 50

    WEIGHT (g): 725

    BARCODE: 4021505161047


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