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Take it Easy! The European Edition

The new European Edition of ‘Take it Easy’ is published in six languages, English, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese.


It comes in an eye-catching Mediterranean aqua-blue and there is descriptive text in all six languages on the outside of the box, as well as a professionally translated rules booklet in each of the languages.


As with all other versions of Take it Easy, you must attempt to outscore your opponents by building lines of colour across your board. Place a tile here, another one there, matching the coloured pipes where you can. It seems easy at first, but difficult decisions are just around the corner! Everyone has the same chance, because everyone will be using the same tiles. But the winner will be the one who uses these tiles most skilfully to score the highest total at the end of the game! 


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The original version of Take it Easy was included in the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year, Germany) Recommendation List (Empfehlungsliste) in 1994.

Take it Easy! The European Edition

  • PRODUCT NAME: “Take it Easy – The European Edition”


    AUTHOR: Peter Burley

    PUBLISHER: Burley Games

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Stephen Tolley

    LANGUAGES: English, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese



    GAME DURATION (min): 20

    NO. OF PLAYERS: 1-6

    DIMENSIONS (mm): 270 | 270 | 50

    WEIGHT (g): 1070

    BARCODE: 5060072842842


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