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Take it to the Limit!

‘Take it to the Limit !’ is two games in one! Choose either the Nexus board for that ultimate challenge, or the stylish Orchid board for a quicker and distinctly different game. Both games can be played by up to six people, but can also provide hours of fun when you attempt to beat your own personal best score by playing the solitaire game.


The Nexus Board: Score points by building continuous lines of colour from one side of the board to the other. Enhance your score by skilful use of ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ bonus tiles and by cunningly interlacing ‘sunrays’ and ‘moonbeams’ with your other scoring rows. If it all seems to be going desperately wrong, you can dispose of unwanted tiles on your ‘Scrapyard’ board. But beware – an ‘untidy’ scrapyard can cost you penalty points!


The Orchid Board: Choose either the ‘sun’ or ‘moon’ tiles to play a shorter game on this attractive board. The special orchid symbols allow you to set aside unwanted tiles, which can be relocated at the end of the round to increase your score.


Click on this link to watch Tom Vasel review Take It To The Limit

Take it to the Limit!

  • PRODUCT NAME: “Take it to the Limit”


    AUTHOR: Peter Burley

    PUBLISHER: Burley Games

    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Andrew Jones

    LANGUAGES: English, German



    GAME DURATION (min): 25 or 45

    NO. OF PLAYERS: 1-6

    DIMENSIONS (mm): 325 | 325 | 70

    WEIGHT (g): 1825

    BARCODE: 5060072841111


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