Treasure Island


Amass Hoards of Gold!

It is the early eighteenth century. You are a swashbuckling pirate captain in command of a small fleet. Land your ships at secret anchorages on ‘Treasure Island’ and venture inland in search of buried treasure. Amass hoards of gold, gemstones, pearls and many¬†other riches.

BURTIS001Use Low Cunning and Surprise Attacks!

On your mission, you may find it necessary to use low cunning and surprise attacks to steal valuables from your rivals, before they get the chance to attack you! You must try to occupy uncharted regions of the island’s interior in a bid to be awarded “Davy Jones’ Legacy”.

Treasure Island - Game in Play

Own the Lion’s Share of the Booty!

Use tactical skills to navigate swiftly around the island, combining judgement in the collection of treasure with boldness in fighting skirmishes, in a quest to own the lion’s share of the booty when it comes to “The Final Reckoning”!

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