A Fun Family Game!

Zambezi is a fun family game for between 2 and 8 players. The time required to play it is approximately 15 minutes times the number of players. So, for example, for four players, you should expect the game to last about an hour.

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Race Your Tugboat! Collect Treasure! Make Documentaries about the Wildlife of the Zambezi Delta!

It is the late 1950s. You are a daring tugboat captain exploring the mysterious depths of southern Africa. Be the first to sail your vessel From Victoria Falls along the famous Zambezi River to Lake Kariba. On the way, you must avoid infestations of hungry crocodiles and steer clear of rocks, the most treacherous obstacles that you will encounter on your journey. Zambezi is best played as a full Expedition Game, where aspects other than racing are taken into account, such as picking up treasures en-route and making documentaries about the wildlife of the Zambezi Delta.


Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Zambezi was brand new in 2015, and was launched in October 2015, in time for Essen Spiel. Burley Games ran a Kickstarter project for Zambezi, from late May to late June, to encompass UK Games Expo. We took some pre-production samples to Expo and pictures can be found on the Zambezi at UK Games Expo page. The Kickstarter project funded successfully with time to spare. Look out for this project on the worldwide web. There are more photos to be seen at Games Night in Holborn.



Zambezi started out in life as a game played on a huge three-dimensional hand-made board. To see images of this monster board, go to The Original Prototype.



In the run-in towards the Kickstarter project, several videos were made, displaying the Zambezi game components and explaining how to play the game. For links to these videos, go to Zambezi Videos.

Number of Players, Age Group, Game Duration (Etc.)

‘Zambezi’ is a game for 2-8 players aged 10+ and lasts about 45 to 90 minutes.

Details - Zambezi

Rules are provided in English and German. The board and pieces are language-independent.

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