A Genuine Antique Copper Engraving from 1616

The map below, showing the island of Hispaniola, is a genuine antique copper engraving from 1616. It is used in our artwork for the Treasure Island box and for the centre of the spiral scoring chart on the Final Reckoning board.

To be able to use this as part of our artwork, it was necessary to buy and own this map. This enabled us to use it without copyright issues. Still, for just £145.00 for a genuine engraving that is so old, I think it was a real bargain!


‘Hispaniola’ was the name of the ship in Robert Louis Stephenson’s wonderful ‘Treasure Island’. Back in the seventeenth century, the island of Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic and Haiti, between Cuba and Puerto Rica) was a major centre and haven of Caribbean piracy, particularly Tortuga (Turtle Island), the small island shown in the north-western region of the map below.

Hispaniola – Copper Engraving 1616