Take it Higher! from Burley Games

Co-authored with Reiner Knizia

‘Take it Higher!’ is co-authored by Peter Burley and Reiner Knizia. It is based on Burley’s game ‘Take it Easy’, but both authors have added their own special ideas to the original and the result is a true design collaboration.

Octagonal Tiles

‘Take it Higher!’ is played using octagonal tiles (as opposed to the hexagonal tiles employed in ‘Take it Easy’ and ‘Take it to the Limit’). This makes the shape of the ‘Take it Higher’ board very different from those used by the previous two games in the series.

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Electroplated Gold and Silver Spaceships!

In the 2nd Edition the gold and silver spaceships are now electroplated to look a ‘shiny’ metallic gold or silver.

Take it Higher Rockets

Game Variants

Several game variants are provided with the game, including the use of miniature spaceships, which can be ‘blasted-off’ from your launch pad whenever you complete a scoring row in the colour that matches the spaceship. Bonus points can be scored at the end of the round, based on the spaceships you have launched. Take it Higher can be played at a number of different levels and becomes more complex and challenging as you add special features to the basic game:

  • Basic Game : As for Take it Easy (but with octagonal tiles instead of hexagonal ones!), outscore you opponents by building continuous lines of colour across your board. Place one tile her, another one there, matching up the coloured pipes where you can. It seems easy at first, but difficult decisions are just around the corner!
  • Gold and Silver Bonuses : Build continuous lines of colour containing either all-gold or all-silver bonus tags for lots of extra points!
  • Take it Higher Bonus : Line up your spaceships on the launch-pad. Blast them into space as you complete each scoring row. As they disappear from the launch-pad, your Take it Higher Bonus ring will move higher and higher and you will score more and more points to add to your total!


Number of Players, Age Group, Game Duration (Etc.)

‘Take it Higher! is a game for 1-6 players aged 8+ and lasts about 25 mins.

Details - Take it Higher

Rules are provided in English and German. The board and pieces are language-independent.

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