Kamisado Pocket


A Travel Version of Kamisado

‘Kamisado Pocket’ is a travel version of Kamisado. The ‘dragon towers’ are replaced by high quality, stone effect octagonal tiles. These tiles have the colour symbols engraved on one side. The symbols on the reverse side have a circle engraved around them, to indicate that the tile has become a ‘Sumo Tile’ when it is flipped over.

Kamisado Pocket in Play

Flip the Board Inside the Clam Shell to Create a Fully-Functioning Travel Game!

The game is encased in ‘Clam Shell’ packaging. On first opening, just flip the board inside the clamshell. The game can then be used while you are travelling, with the ‘dragon tiles’ slotting snugly into the recesses (located directly above each space) in the the clamshell, allowing you to play when you are travelling by car, train, boat or plane. The tiles fit neatly into the recesses, without sliding around, and yet are easy to pick up and move from slot to slot. So you can take ‘Kamisado Pocket’ and play it wherever you like!

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