The Entry Level Menu

The entry menu offers a Kamisado Tutorial and a choice of whether to play Offline or Online (or to resume a game that had previously been in progress).

002 - kamisado_mainmenuPlaying Offline

Kamisado can be played offline, choosing between a human opponent or the app’s multi-level computer.

003 - kamisado_offline

Playing Online

The online mode allows you to play against opponents anywhere in the world, whether they be your friends or randomly-found players!

004 - kamisado_online

The Tutorial

The Kamisado Tutorial teaches you all you need to know about the Rules of Kamisado!

007 - kamisado_tutorial

The Kamisado Graphics

Here is how the stunningly beautiful graphics of the Kamisado app will look on your phone:

005 - kamisado_smartphone1

The QR Code
008 - kamisado_QR_Code_EN

Use the QR code to download Kamisado onto your phone or tablet today!








006 - kamisado_smartphone2