A Game in Play on the Big Board

The image below shows a game in play for three players (Red Counters, Yellow Counters, Blue Counters) on the larger of the two boards.

Who’s Winning?

This game is finely poised. At the moment Red has the best set of treasures (with Diamonds and Sapphires protected by Purple Cannons, making them difficult to steal). Red is also in with the best chance of capturing Blackbeard’s Treasure (six treasure cards) in the centre of the board.

However, the other two players (and particularly Yellow) seem to have far more scope when it comes to enclosing substantial areas of the board (and the treasure squares within) to potentially level the scores or to overtake Red.

What the Cards Tell Us

The discarded Purple and Gold Cannons by the corner of the Treasure Trove card show us that treasure has been stolen and that a skirmish has been fought. Note that there is some Rum and Tobacco in Davy Jones’ Locker. This indicates that at least one player has at some stage exceeded the maximum number of treasure types allowable (see Davy Jones’ Locker).

Note also that Blue will be able to collect one extra type of treasure before needing to discard, because he/she holds a ‘Jolly Roger’ card.

A Game in Play on the Big Board