An Advanced version of Take it Easy

‘Take it to the Limit!’ is an advanced version of ‘Take it Easy’. Compared with the original game the boards are bigger in terms of the number of hexagonal spaces. There are more tiles as well. There are 64 tiles in each set, with four different colours running in each direction. These tiles are subdivided evenly into ‘moon’ tiles and ‘sun’ tiles. There are also a number of Gold and Silver bonus tiles. If you complete scoring rows in all three directions through these tiles, then you can also add the bonus values to your total!



Take it to the Limit has won a number of prestigious awards, including those shown in the panel on the left:

Two Games in One!

Take it to the Limit is two games in one! The individual playing boards are double-sided, so you can choose to play on the challenging ‘Nexus’ board (45 minutes), or on the stylish Orchid board for a quicker and distinctly different game (25 minutes). Both games can be played by up to six people, but can also provide hours of fun when you attempt to beat your own personal best score by playing the solitaire game.

The Nexus Board

When playing on the Nexus board, all 64 tiles are used. Score points by building lines of continuous colour from one side of the board to the other. You can enhance your score by skilful use of the Gold and Silver bonus tiles and by cunningly interlacing ‘sunrays’ and ‘moonbeams’ with your other scoring rows. If it all seems to be going desperately wrong, you can dispose of unwanted tiles by placing them in your ‘Scrapyard’. But beware – an ‘untidy’ scrapyard can cost you penalty points!

The Orchid Board

When playing on the Orchid board, choose either the ‘sun’ or ‘moon’ tiles to play a shorter game on this attractive board. The special orchid symbols allow you to set aside unwanted tiles, with an option to increase your score by relocating them at the end of the game.


Number of Players, Age Group, Game Duration (Etc.)

‘Take it to the Limit!’ is a game for 1-6 players aged 10+ and lasts about 45 minutes when using the Nexus Board, or 25 minutes when playing on the Orchid Board.

Details - Take it to the Limit

Rules are provided in English and German. The board and pieces are language-independent.