A Puzzle! – A Maze! – A Game!

‘Take it Easy!’ is one of our most popular games. It’s a puzzle, it’s a maze, it’s a game! It’s all three and much more! Place your pieces one at a time on the board. Try to form continuous rows of colour from edge to edge. But one wrong tile and the whole row is worthless. It gets harder as the number of empty spaces on your board, and your possible choices, diminish, since once a tile is placed, it can’t be moved! Everyone has the same chance as everyone else, because everyone plays the same tiles in the same order. But all the boards will be different at the end and only one player will have used the tiles the best way, scored the most points, and won the game.





‘Take it Easy!’ has won numerous awards, including a nomination for Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) in Germany in 1994. Spiel des Jahres is recognised as being the most prestigious award in the world of gaming.



 Copies Sold and New Versions in the Pipeline

‘Take it Easy!’ has, to date, sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. There are new versions of Take it Easy that have just been published or are out there on the horizon and will be published soon, such as:

  • The Daffodil Edition (Limited Edition – see below)
  • The International Edition (see below)
  • The Greater China and South East Asia Edition (see below)
  • The Snake-Eye Edition (Another Limited Edition – to be announced in 2017)

Take it Easy – the Daffodil Edition

We have just published a new Limited Edition (1000 copies) of Take it Easy. This new edition (called the Daffodil Edition) features double-sided playing boards. On the flip-side of the standard boards, there are special boards, called The Daffodil boards. These contain a configuration of hexagonal spaces which is different from the one on the standard boards. Also supplied with the new version are four extra tiles per player. These tiles feature wildcard stripes which can be used as any of three different colours.

Sold Out!

At the moment, we have completely sold out of ‘standard’ Take it Easy. This situation will be remedied soon when we take delivery of our share of a large International Edition. This is being produced as a cooperative release with Eagle/Gryphon Games in the USA. This version will be distributed in the United Kingdom, the United States, Scandinavia, Japan and Korea. At the same time, we are releasing new versions for all the French-speaking nations, for Greater China, including Taiwan, and all the South East Asian countries.

Daffodil Edition for the Price of Standard Take it Easy!

Please note that Take it Easy! – the Daffodil Edition should really cost a little bit more than the standard Take it Easy, but until we take delivery of the International Edition, we are selling the Daffodil Edition on this website at the price normally charged for the standard game. So hurry folks, if you would like to receive a copy of the Daffodil (Limited 1000-copy) Edition, each with its own signed, individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity, for the price of a standard Take it Easy.

Mobile Versions

It was released as an iOS app earlier this year, and has now been re-released as a Ravensburger Digital game for iOS, most Android devices and various other platforms.

Components and Game in Play

Follow the links to see some of the ‘Take it Easy’ components, and an individual board as it looks during a game in play.

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