Unique, Innovative,  Award Winning Games

Burley Games is a British success story. Games enthusiast Peter Burley has invented a series of innovative games which are sold throughout the world. The company creates, manufactures and distributes unique, innovative, award winning games.

High Replay Value and Depth of Strategy

Our products are of high quality and are a result of many hours of careful design. Each game offers high replay value and the games are easy to learn, whilst providing enough depth of strategy to keep everyone interested.

Mind Sports Olympiad

Peter Burley is a games inventor and enthusiast. He has an extensive knowledge of board games. He is a keen supporter of UK Games Expo (held in Birmingham every summer) and of the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO). During the 2011 Mind Sports Olympiad, held in London, he won the Silver Medal in the Kamisado World Championship event, and in 2012 the Gold Medal in the World Championship for a game called MENSA Connections (a game by Reiner Knizia).